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Maximise Your Customer Satisfaction With ARES -
Your High-End Digital Payments Solution

Elevate your business by letting your customers pay, receive, and securely store funds with our digital payments solution. Ares is ensured with PCI-DSS compliance - solidifying trust and security among your audience. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of contactless payments, placing your business at the forefront of the payment revolution.

You can ensure the utmost security for all transactions, safeguarding your customers by preventing fraud with our Anti Money Laundering Software .

Primary Features Of Ares

User App

Seamless Payments

Users can effortlessly settle bills funded by balance or linked bank accounts.

Instant Notifications

Notify users of subscriptions, payments, and cashback via push notifications for real-time updates.

Bank Integration

Users can seamlessly sync their bank accounts for smooth transactions.

Digital Receipts

The app generates and shares transaction receipts for easy tracking and future reference.

Referral Rewards

Boost customer acquisition by rewarding users who refer others to your brand.

Transaction History

Empower users to access their transaction history anytime, complete with reference IDs for future needs.

Merchant App

User-Friendly Dashboard

Merchants can access an intuitive dashboard for quick insights into funds, receivables, and product sales.

Payment Tracking

Merchants can effortlessly track recurring and one-time payments.

QR Code Payment

Merchants receive exclusive QR codes for direct customer payments, ensuring seamless transactions.

Flexible Payments

Using Ares, merchants can offer EMI choices, conveniently managed through the app.

Customer Management

Track customer transactions for personalised insights into buying behaviour.

Promotional Offers

Merchants can create tailored promotions to attract and engage customers.

Admin Panel

Manage Banks

Add or remove banks using the panel as per your preferences.

User Data Control

This feature allows app admins to discreetly and securely use abundant user data.

Usage Statistics

Monitor app usage stats to improve policies, offers, and interfaces.

Merchants Management

Add or remove merchants and adjust their dashboard features.

Data Backup

Admins trigger auto or manual data backup securely in case of system breakdowns.

How can Ares Help Scale Your Business?

Faster and Convenient

It provides easy and speedy payment options for customers. When you integrate it into your existing system, your customers will enjoy an efficient way to make a purchase.

Global Reach

Ares provides wide-spread, global reach for international transactions, enabling broad business expansion and incredible growth opportunities.


Ares provides enhanced security to protect the sensitive financial information of users. It also reduces data breach risks and fraudulent activities.

Seamless Integration

You can seamlessly integrate third-party APIs with our Ares. Benefit from advanced features, such as contactless payment methods, robust security protocols, and versatile payment options.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Our digital payments solution can boost customer loyalty and retention rates. It provides a smooth and hassle-free experience, leading to repeat business.

Marketing Opportunities

It provides personalised offers, loyalty programmes, and targeted promotions. With these features, you can engage more customers and gather valuable user data for tailored marketing campaigns.

Transaction Analytics

Leverage the power of our white label digital payments solution and gain insights into users’ transaction behaviour. It will help you understand your customers better and their purchasing preferences.


As your business expands, Ares grows with you. It is highly scalable and can handle a large amount of transactions.

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