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About Us

Welcome to LDT Technology Private Limited!

In the Heart of Innovation, We Code the Future!

We are an India-based leading IT company founded in the year 2020, specialising in providing a wide range of services in the world of IT. Whether you require IT service, consulting, development, quality assurance, or tech support, we are ready to assist you with a smooth web and mobile app development process.

As passionate web and mobile app development experts, we are devoted to transforming ideas into powerful digital solutions. Our team of skilled specialists is eagerly working in a variety of domains, including Fintech solutions (digital wallets and issuance of cards), e-commerce, on demand mobile apps, CRM, ERP solutions, security, cloud, and software testing. We use the latest technologies and tools to build streamlined and secure solutions for our clients.

With our comprehensive tools and support, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their full potential, ensuring that businesses worldwide not only thrive but also leave a lasting impact on their industries. Our focus is on innovation, quality, and custom software development for complete customer satisfaction to provide our prime services.

Our Journey

Seamless Solutions, Strategic Success - Your Journey to IT Excellence Starts Here!

Expanding Our Reach

The year 2021 witnessed our continued growth as our warm welcome to NowNow from Nigeria as a valued client in June. Additionally, we also had the privilege to work with our client in Singapore. We continued to push the boundaries of innovation with each new project.

Continuing To Grow

In June 2023, we welcomed two new clients to our community - Zaps Marketing from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Zimble Code from the USA. Throughout our journey, we want our partnerships to flourish with continued success and dedication on a global scale.

A Promising Beginning

LDT Technology was born in 2020, determined to make a difference in the IT industry. Our first client,Statrys from Hong Kong, joined us in October, marking the commencement of our commitment to excellence.

Growing Our Team

With the dedication and hard work of our team, we proudly reached a team strength of 100 in 2022. This milestone reflects our commitment to building a robust and capable team to meet the personalised needs of our clients. From Fintech solutions to on demand solutions and beyond, our expertise in trending technologies allowed us to build truly transformative solutions for our clients.

Our journey has been a complete devotion to our passion for serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise with our customised web and mobile app development.

Our Beliefs

Teamwork And Collaboration

We value the power of teamwork and collaboration, believing that great achievements are made possible through unity.

Clients' Success, Our Success

We are dedicated to our clients' success, as we believe that their achievements directly contribute to our own.

Integrity And Collaboration

Upholding integrity and promoting collaboration are fundamental to our approach in all that we do.

Long-term Relationships

Our commitment extends beyond projects – we strive to cultivate enduring relationships, placing value on partnerships that withstand the test of time.

Our Mission

Quality Excellence

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do, with a particular focus on delivering the highest quality services to our clients.

Complete Client Satisfaction

The key to our success lies in ensuring complete client satisfaction, and we go to great lengths to ensure their needs are met.

Innovative Technology Solutions

We're dedicated to staying innovative to provide our clients with the best solutions as technology evolves.

Assist Businesses From Different Industries

We work with businesses of different industries, providing them with the support they need to succeed.

Meet Our Team

Thrive With Our Technology!

Bring Your Vision, We Will Build It!

Join us in strengthening global success; our team will be grateful to assist you always.

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