Rationalizing payment with NowNow - A digital Wallet in Nigeria

Rationalizing payment with NowNow - A digital Wallet in Nigeria

NowNow - Digital Wallet in Nigeria

NowNow is a digital wallet in Nigeria just like Paytm in India. It is the fastest growing mobile application used to pay the bills, recharge, shop online, and much more. Our client has a vision of empowering Nigeria with technology, to bring a revolution by making the technology available to the masses of Nigeria and we helped them achieve their goal.

Features of NowNow platform:

  • Digital Wallet:

    We are focusing on building an end to end payment platform that is free and easy to use. No matter which financial service you need, you can get it all done at just one place from a mobile recharge to getting a loan

  • Fast and Secure:

    It is fast, secure and the most efficient way of making payments online. It uses mPIN and KYC verification that offers great protection against fraudulent cases.

  • Insights on Expenses:

    It helps you manage your finances well by offering you transparency across the transactions, access to total balance across all linked accounts.

  • Rationalise Your Wallet:

    No need to carry your debit, credit cards, and other items that occupy space in your physical wallet, just pay with NowNow mobile application anytime anywhere.

  • Rewards:

    Earn exciting deals, discounts, cashbacks, freebies, and a lot more by paying online using NowNow mobile app.

NowNow Pay for Enterprises:

No matter if you don’t have a website for your business, NowNow Pay makes it easy to receive payments online. Your customers can easily pay you using Debit and credit cards, Bank transfer, Wallet transfer, USSD, POS, and Visa QR.

Steps to follow:

  • Enter merchant name & payment details including the price and description
  • A payment link will be generated
  • Share this link with your customers on Instagram, email, WhatsApp etc.!

NowNow PayPadi for Agents

It is a special mobile money agent by NowNow that allows small shop owners in the neighbourhood to transform their stores into a digital payment centre. The shop owners will earn extra commission on every transaction and will gain more customers by offering them a variety of payment services.

Services include:
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Electricity bill payments
  • Cash Deposit
  • PayTV
  • Internet Service
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Insurance

We are proud to be the technology partners for NowNow payment wallet in Nigeria.

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